Agriculture Department

Mr. Forrester Odongo

Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Agriculture, Shamberere Technical Traininng Institute (DOA). The department is happy you visited our page to explore the training and networking treasures. Given DOA’s rich history, the future can only be one of opportunities. Having given birth to more departments in Shamberere TTI, DOA remains a strong pillar in the existence of Shamberer TTI. The DOA is the foundation of agricultural training, research and innovation. We are confident that we have what it takes to have a leading role in regional agricultural training. 

We have stood the test of time even when enrollment in agricultural training took a nosedive. When students became shy of agriculture in love for other professions in IT, Engineering and food and beverage, we didn’t despair but gave them a reason to love agriculture. We actually gave our training a fresh breath of life, revamped it and gave it a modern face. Currently, the numbers of students enrolling for agriculture-based courses at Shamberere TTI continues to increase every year. We do not take this as a challenge but an opportunity. Our inspiration is drawn from the needs of our county, nation and global goals like those described by the millennium development goals (MDGs). That is the reason for our strong partnership and collaboration.

Our training strength boasts of a diversity of expertise and rich courses of artisan, certificate and diploma programs. To remain relevant and in tune with the changing global agricultural scenario, DOA seeks the inputs and ideas of its experts, stakeholders and experts from reputable institutions.

Modern training and practices are embraced in Artisan in general agriculture, Certificate in general Agriculture (CGA), Diploma in General agriculture (DGA) and Diploma in Entrepreneurial Agriculture (DEA). We are proud of our achievements but we have never allowed room for complacency. In the never-ending journey of agricultural training, success has never been an option for us but a must and we intend to maintain the status quo.