Our Service Delivery Charter

To be a centre of excellence in Engineering Technology, Innovation and Action Research in Africa


To provide quality Human Resources through Technical, Vocational, Education and Training (TVET)


Shamberere Technical Training Institute will be guided by the following core values:

i)    Excellence

ii)   Innovation

iii)  Integrity

iv)  Team work

v)   Equity

1 Enquiries Customer’s need Nil 5 Minutes
2 Answering calls   Nil 15 Seconds
3 Processing applications Fulfil prescribed course requirements Kshs.500 1 day
4 Registration Offer letter Nil 30 Minutes
5 Attachment assessment Notification of attachment, clearance of attachment fees Nil 1 week
6 Examination registration Passport size photo, Copy of ID, Certificate Prescribed by various examining bodies 14 days
7 Administration of internal examinations 75% class attendance Nil Prescribed time
8 Certification Qualification Nil 12 Hours
9 Administration of external examination 75%  class attendance Nil Prescribed time
10 Catering Services Cash Pay As You Eat 5 Minutes
11 Boarding Fulfil boarding requirements Kshs.4,500 3 Months
12 Reference in Library Reader’s card Nil 8 Hours
13 Nursing Services Student ID Nil Immediately
14 Guidance and Career Counselling Customer’s need Nil Unlimited

In case of inefficient, ineffective and unsatisfactorily service, please report to complaints desk at Shamberere TTI, or contact the Principal, P.O. BOX 1316-50100 Kakamega, Call 0739  922  223, Email: shambereretti@yahoo.com, Website: www.shambereretechnical.ac.ke