The Meaning of WITED
WITED (“Women in Technical Education and Development”) seeks to foster women’s participation in science and technology, as this domain has been deemed a high priority, integral to a nation’s development plan.

Genesis of WITED

WITED, a project conceptualized by the Commonwealth Association of Polytechnics in Africa (CAPA), was born out of reaction to the observed exceedingly low participation of women in science and technical education in its member institutions; CAPA embarked on this project in 1988. Unfortunately, in Kenya, the WITED chapter has not been vibrant. That being said, COL (Commonwealth of Learning) has been instrumental in the revival of WITED and is presently spearheading the establishment of WITED Chapters by way of providing guidance and creating a networking forum in ‘Invest Africa-CLN’. The WITED- STTI (SHAMBERERE TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTE) chapter commenced in March of 2021 on a low note and is yet to be officially launched.  However, a number of activities have been going on a small scale.


The WITED project is aimed at both revealing and demystifying the complex influences of the cultural, historical, economic, societal and gender-related reasons impeding female participation in technical education, training and employment.

Broad objective

The long term objective of the project is to: ‘enhance the participation of women in Technical Education at all levels for economic empowerment towards achievement of vision 2030.’

Specific objectives

These are to:

  • Identify the reasons why women/girls are not involved or have not ventured into science and technical courses.
  • Make the community aware about the tremendous opportunities within the technical career path for women.
  • Actively encourage girls/women to develop the interest to pursue the science and technical courses.
  • Sensitize women and girls on the benefits of pursuing the technical career path.
  • Reach out to less-privileged women in the informal sector with the aim of engaging them in technical career paths leading to economic empowerment.

The WITED Goal

A dynamic team of committed individuals at STTI are, in a spirit of collaboration, embarking on the altruistic task to reach out to the less privileged and girls and women in the society, offering to them what they never thought was possible in life; technical skills. Female technical teachers, as role models, are to be at the forefront in encouraging other women and girls into pursuing relevant technical education. Technical Education for women need not only be of high quality but also relevant, thus yielding the benefit of women to become self-reliant, uplifting themselves, their families and communities, and thus providing the much-needed economical imperative for sustainable development.

The WITED Spirit

The practitioners of the WITED program will work tirelessly to:

  • Go beyond the call of duty to reach out to the and vulnerable and less privileged girls and women and liberate the often times forgotten talents.
  • Demonstrate love, appreciation and recognition to fellow women/girls.
  • Inspire girls /women through success stories from role models.
  • advocate for women rights to education and economic empowerment
  • Participate in the social and moral duty of saving girls/women from crime, immorality, drugs, unemployment, despair, poverty and desperation.
  • Endeavour to provide supportive spirit to fellow women/girls. Target Group The WITED program will specifically target the following demographic(s):
  • School leavers
  • Women in the informal sector including vegetable vendors, commercial sex workers, security guards, hawkers, public transport personnel, house wives and house helps.
  • Unemployed women

WITED Proposed Activities  

  • Appointment of WITED Committee
  • Recruitment and formulation of WITED Chapter(WITED CLUB)
  • Official launching of WITED, SHAMBERERE Chapter
  • Develop WITED Blue Print in line with that of WITED Kenya Chapter
  • Actively participate in education for girls /women campaigns
  • Organizing and participate in awareness and sensitization forums for women leaders, policy makers, school heads and career teachers, men/husbands, parents/ guardians, female and male teachers with the goal of supporting girls and women’s enrolment in science and technical education.
  • Advocate for science and technical education by way of:
  • The engagement of women in the informal sector face-to-face, via internet and mass media.
  • Visits to schools, places of worships and social meetings encouraging and counselling women.
  • Inviting girls for career motivational talks and to interact with role models.
  • Participation in workshops for heads and career teachers of girls’ schools.
  • Participate in eventful International and National days
  • Addressing teachers’ conference to influence decisions on girls’ education.
  • The production of career booklets for circulation to girls’ schools.
  • Collaboration with other technical institutions, government and non-governmental authorities/agencies/organizations in an effort to secure greater enrolment for women in technical training institutes and polytechnics.
  • Advocate for non-traditional roles for women leveraging the power of mass media, internet and live campaigns.
  • Intervention with concerned government ministries and employers to secure favorable employment conditions for women in industrial establishments

. · Advocate and lobby for sponsorship and financial support of girls/women in Science and Technical courses.

  • Advocate for tailor-made practical oriented courses/trades for girls/women
  • Mentor girls/women who are already pursuing Science and technical courses
  • Door-to-door activities
  • Coordinate the WITED Club consisting of WITED Committee members, students and alumni who have benefited from WITED activities.
  • Procure resources to maintain and sustain WITED project activities.(FUNDRAISING)


The activities picked up at a relatively slow pace. These were mainly preparatory activities in anticipation for the official launch of WITED Shamberere TTI Chapter.

Also, the term was short and too busy hence the availability of trainees and staff was limited.

  1. Mobilization and sensitization of trainees on WITED

 These has been done through one on one conversations with female trainees on the meaning and objectives WITED.

A whatsapp group for the same purpose has been formed and 29 girl trainees have joined and the list is expected to increase with the official launch of the STTI WITED Chapter.


 WITED WESTERN REGION organized for a one day training at SIGALAGALA NATIONAL POLYTECHNIC where STTI Champion, Wanjala Rose Nafula attended .The objectives of the training include the following among others:

  • Experience sharing
  • Debriefing about the ATUPA Conference of November 2022 in Zimbambwe
  • Build the capacity of WITED Champions on how to develop and implement WITED activities in their institutions
  • Benchmarking at the Sigalagala Breastfeeding Centre.

The following topics were covered after which participants were issued with participation certificates.

  • WITED Brief History Proposed
  • WITED activities and  Policy
  • WITED Funding
  • Establishing Gender Sensitive Groups and Mentorship Programme in STEM.